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Siberian Geophysical Research Production Company Ltd. provides services for carrying out electrical exploration within license areas of oil and gas companies using the unique Differential Normalized Method of Electrical prospecting (DNME).

The company was founded in 2003 by the authors of the DNME method, who have been practicing it since 1997. The company is a holder of Russian Patent No. 2301431 on the Method of electrical exploration using spatial derivation of a transient field on several spans, as well as of other patents protecting key elements of technology. The company owns patents of the US, China and Mexico, filed a patent application to the European Patent Organisation. Company is certified by BUREAU VERITAS according to ISO 9001.

For more than 15 years we have been performing electrical exploration using DNME method for major Russian oil and gas companies such as LUKOIL Oil Company — 38 contracts, GAZPROM — 20 contracts, Rosneft Oil Company — 30 contracts. At different time our partners in Russian Federation were: RITEK, Surgutneftegas, Caspian oil company, Bratskecogas (an ITERA affiliate), CentrKaspneftegaz, Priazovneft, GeoPromTrans, Petromir, SNGK, Wintershall AG (Germany) and others; in Kazakhstan: Kurmangazy Petroleum, Atash Co.Ltd. and Turb-Karagan Operating Company B.V.; in Peru: Gold Oil PLC (England).

There are completed (summer 2012) and ongoing works in the Norwegian sector of the Northen and Barents Sea.

Since 2012 the company worked more than 12 000 running kilometers in the North, The Norwegian and the Barents Seas for different companies jointly with ORG Geophysical AS. Processing, inversion and interpretation of data was carried by LLC "SGRPC". The forward forecast was successful in 87 % - 24 wells were confirmed by the subsequent drilling in Norway.

In 2015 the company carried out works in the Caspian Sea using the streamer deepened down to 500 m, and obtained quality material at depths to 700 m. Forward forecast in the Caspian sea was confirmed in more than 89%.

More than 2 400 running kilometers of survey lines were worked on the Sakhalinsk Shelf. Exploration validation by the consequent drilling is expected.

SGRPC LLC team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced specialists, who use software systems, including proprietary designs, and state of the art hardware. Our company has all the necessary navigation and frequency generating equipment, outfit, tracked and wheeled vehicles required for DNME field work execution.


Main office:
Russia, 664044 Irkutsk City
14, Shchapova st,
phone: +7 (395-2) 38-37-01, +7 (395-2) 43-60-44
fax: +7 (395-2) 43-60-44 ext 3
e-mail: irkutsk@dnme.ru
Director General: Mr. Alexander A. Sitnikov

The DNME method

The new modification of the Differential Normalized Method of Electrical Investigation (DNME) together with seismic prospecting allows to discover anomalous by their polarization properties deposits containing hydrocarbons (using the effect of induced polarization — IP) with more than 85% success on- and offshore, as well as to outline the known fields for estimation of reserves and designing development plans. The method also allows to avoid the expenses connected with drilling of dry wells of any purpose.

Seismic exploration allows allocating potential hydrocarbon traps and DNME - saturation character of reservoir beds.

The DNME method allows to single out physical effects related to hydrocarbon accumulations. On the basis of numerical modeling of field observation results, both electromagnetic transient field and its differential transformants (spacewise and timewise), we carry out layerwise determination of the entire set of parameters characterizing electrical properties of rocks — resistivity, polarizability coefficient, relaxation time and exponent for the whole sedimentary section. It is proved that these parameters tend to change in a strictly certain manner in a presence of hydrocarbon accumulations.

Using this method our company conducts research in various geological and geophysical conditions in the intervals of hydrocarbon bed depths of 100 m to 5 km both onshore and offshore, for various reservoir types. The method was tested in various geological and geophysical conditions including prospecting deposits under halogen- and carbon-bearing low-conductivity barrier, under widespread development of trappean magmatism conditions, in the regions of ancient and young platforms, continental depressions, foredeeps and shelf sea. Results of the method application don't depend on trap types (structural trap, three-way closure, lithological screened structural trap etc.) and reservoirs (terrigenous, carbonate). In 2006 our method was tested by Schlumberger Company and was highly rated by its experts. We can offer you any reports on your request.

The main principles of the DNME technology were published in numerous specialized magazines, presented at different international congresses and highly valued by Russian scientists.

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